Never saw THAT coming!


Welcome to your new site! If you're seeing this, then your installation of Yagaboosh! was completed successfully!

If you want to edit this page, feel free, or you can delete it if you really want to. The options for editing only appear after you are signed in, which you do here. There, you can create new pages, choose which ones appear in the navigation bar, and other important things to do with the site.

As it is, your site is pretty basic. Yagaboosh! isn't meant to come with huge features, but be the foundation of your own website, with only the content you need. Also, it's still under development, so not everything will be perfect yet. However, Yagaboosh! is designed to be simple to use and improve, so it shouldn't be too hard to add features.

If you need any help, or have a suggestion on how to improve Yagaboosh!, please feel free to reach out. Input is always welcome. Have a good one!

- The Yagaboosh! staff