Welcome to Yagaboosh!

This is a custom-built CMS by me, John. I began this project for fun, and slowly it grew to where it is today. It is a completely customizable Content Management System based on PHP, which allows for users to modify it easily and to their needs, while being a useful backbone to any site. It's currently in development, so not all features are complete, and currently no download is available. As system development continues, public beta releases will be made.

As it is, this site is pretty basic. Yagaboosh! isn't meant to come with huge features, but be the foundation of your own website, with only the content and plugins you need. You'll probably want to install some other features, like dynamic posts (for blogs), user content systems, and who knows what else. All of this can be found on the Yagaboosh! homepage when they are made available, created either by us or by other users. They are all easy to install, so don't worry about stuff getting too complicated.

If you feel like you need any other help with your Yagaboosh!, feel free to check out the built-in Help Guide, or by using this site to ask us directly. We're always ready to help you with your Yagabooshing needs.

Happy Siting!

- The Yagaboosh! staff