Never saw THAT coming!

About Yagaboosh!

Yagaboosh! was started while I was in Brazil. It was originally a project for the organization I was working with, to act as their website. I wanted to make something custom-built, rather than using Wordpress. And the final result of that was a wondeful, functional website. But it wasn't great on the backend.

Once that project was complete, I began to work on what would become Yagaboosh! I tried to keep it simple and bare-bones, but with enough flexibility that anyone could use it for anything. I looked at how things like Wordpress and PHPBB operated, how they access files, and developed my own system for content management. Also, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about PHP and MySQL. By August 2013, it was shaping up to be a nice piece of software. Unfortunately, after I returned home from Brazil in October, the project sat in a corner collecting dust.

I always wanted to return to it, but such a task appeared daunting for the same reason I wanted to build it in the first place. I wanted something I could work with from scratch, and know exactly how it operated. Because of this, any time spent on Yagaboosh! was quickly wasted just trying to figure out what I had done and why.

Fast forward to late 2017. I am currently enrolled in The Tech Academy in Portland, Oregon, with the intent to become a software developer. I now have the time, energy, and drive to relearn what I did, and see if any of Yagaboosh! is salvageable. Guess what? It is! Most of the code was perfectly fine, although I'm sure it's not the best implementation of anything. But what matters is that I built it.

Yagaboosh! isn't meant to be perfect. It's not meant to have the latest and greatest features in the world. But it is a simple CMS built from HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Javascript. It uses Bootstrap for its default layouts. It is very flexible, so that anyone can use it for anything given the time and energy. And I'm proud of it.